Current Events

Shahadat of 11th Imam(as)
Thursday, November 15th at 8pm 
 *Taboot of the Imam(as) will be taken out
This majlis will be recited by: Moulana Jafar Banglori Sahab

Eid-e-Zehra Celebration
Friday, November 16th at 8pm 
Jashan will be recited by: Moulana Jafar Banglori Sahab


Dua-e-Kumail Program
Thursdays: 8:30pm - 9:30pm 

Juma Prayers
Fridays at 1:00pm 
Ahle Baith School
Saturdays from 10:45am - 2:15pm 


Hadith of the month

"I revolted not for wickedness nor for fame. Verily, I rose only to seek rectification in the nation of my grandather, the Messenger of Allah."

- Imam Hussain ibn Ali (as)